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Vacuum tanker hire

Vacuum tankers for hire across the UK

At Beacon Plant located in Brecon, we feature a selection of high-quality vacuum tankers ranging from 1500 to 3500 gallons, available with or without water cannons. Additionally, we provide a separate line of hydraulic-driven vacuum tankers, contributing to enhanced safety within the construction sector.

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About our tankers

A centrifugal pump delivers six bar pressure to the blaster bar and can be horizontally adjusted for close contact road cleaning.

Why we use Major tankers

The team at Major designed the 2200LGP Dust Tanker complete with blaster bar, water cannon and water spinner. This tanker ticked all the boxes, in particular the blaster bar as Major Equipment were the only company to offer this feature.

More about our tankers

The rain gun water cannon is capable of accessing and damping down coal or earth storage clamps over 200ft high.

The dust spinner unit atomises and disperses water far more effectively than any other similar system available.

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